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Vizcaino, Gold-Silver, Durango State


The Vizcaino project is located 127 km N of the City of Durango, 38 km SE of the La Pitarrilla project (SSR Mining Inc.) and 42 km N of the El Castillo Complex (Argonaut Gold Inc.). It is centrally located within the “Silver Belt” of the Mexican High Plateau region on a trend running from the NW to the SE through Durango State.


The Pamplona vein outcrops with a SE-NW strike over 2 km and varies in width from 1.1 m to 12 m. The vein structure is composed of fine-grained chalcedonic quartz, hosted by rhyolites, with typical textures observed in the higher levels of epithermal systems.


A surface sampling and mapping program included 99 samples covering the vein outcrops and surrounding area. Surface sampling returned anomalous gold values between 32 ppb and 141 ppb in 20 samples taken from vein outcrops at the higher elevations (2,300 m to 2,350 m) on the SE end of the Pamplona vein over a strike distance of 1,000 m. Sampling at the NW end, where the vein outcrops in fields at a lower elevation (2,250 m), returned higher anomalous gold values between 161 ppb to 667 ppb in 9 samples over a strike distance of approximately 400 m. These results suggest increasing gold values with depth, consistent with the textures observed in the vein outcrops characteristic of the higher elevations of an epithermal system.

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